Winter Fire Safety: Expert Tips from Lloyd Home Service to Keep Your Home Warm and Secure

In the midst of the winter chill, many households have already cranked up their heating systems to stay warm. However, with the pursuit of warmth comes the potential risk of home fires, a concern that becomes even more significant for properties affected by flooding.

Captain Prescott Nadeau of the Williston Fire Department notes that winter tends to be a hectic season for his team, often dealing with issues arising from improperly maintained heating equipment. As people strive to combat the cold, there’s an increased likelihood of fires, with space heaters being a common culprit, especially when placed too close to flammable materials.

To mitigate these risks, Nadeau advises maintaining a three-foot clearance around space heaters and turning them off when leaving the room. Additionally, he discourages the prolonged use of extension cords, emphasizing that they are not intended for use beyond 60-90 days, depending on the gauge.

HVAC and electrical contractor Peter Lloyd from Lloyd Home Service recommends an annual heating service to prevent fires. The optimal time for this maintenance is during the spring or early summer when contractors are less inundated with appointment requests. Lloyd’s team conducts thorough safety checks, including fully cleaning the heating systems, removing blockages or soot buildup, and a combustion test.

Addressing the aftermath of the state’s flooding, Lloyd notes that their home services are booked two months in advance to assist those affected by flooding in restoring their heating before the harsh winter sets in. Beyond just the heating system, Lloyd highlights the potential impact on a home’s electrical system after flooding, urging people to be cautious. He mentions instances where attempts to patch up wet electrical panels resulted in arcing, sparking, and fires.

In the aftermath of flooding, some may need to consider replacing their entire electrical system to avoid such hazards. Lloyd recommends annual checks on these systems after replacement. Taking such precautions not only ensures the safety of homes but also eases the burden on firefighters during the winter season, marked by challenging conditions like snow and ice.

It is important to regularly test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in households. Being proactive in fire prevention measures helps alleviate the additional strain on firefighters during winter. Contact Lloyd Home Service for all of your heating needs.