Heating Heroes in Central Vermont: Contractors Sprint to Restore Warmth for Flood-Stricken Homes

The scarcity of contractors is posing significant challenges for individuals affected by flooding

The need for contractors poses noteworthy challenges for individuals affected by flooding in their efforts to restore home heating systems.

Acknowledging the discernible shortage, Peter Lloyd of Lloyd Home Service emphasized their commitment to assisting customers, particularly prioritizing those in urgent need before winter sets in rapidly.

Lloyd Home Service received an overwhelming seventy-five calls regarding heating-related issues following the flood incident. Specializing in plumbing, heating, and HVAC services, the company is now fully booked until October, underscoring the extent of the demand.

Lloyd Home Service has a dedicated thirty-person crew ready to serve you

Lloyd ensures his team works diligently, mindful of potential burnout. However, he notes that the restoration process could be a swifter one. Addressing electrical concerns takes precedence, involving a thorough assessment of panels and breakers.

The comprehensive procedure includes drying out basements, restoring power, and reinstating heating and hot water services. Lloyd stressed the urgency of completing these tasks before Vermont faces the harsh cold weather.

Across the state, there needs to be more licensed professionals available for this critical work. Governor Scott mentioned efforts to reinstate contractor licenses and even explore the possibility of involving retirees to mitigate the shortage.

In a press conference, Governor Scott highlighted their commitment to exploring all avenues to address the shortage but acknowledged the challenge in the sheer numbers required.

Navigating Tough Choices

Peter Lloyd shared the poignant reality faced by some homeowners, including one in Montpelier, situated right by the river. For these individuals, the decision to rebuild hinges on assessing the feasibility and worthiness of the effort.

Despite these challenges, Lloyd expressed confidence in his highly skilled team, assuring the community that they diligently work to overcome obstacles.

As the urgency heightens, Lloyd suggested interim solutions such as utilizing electric heaters or woodstoves to stay warm during the impending cold snap. Lloyd Home Service is also available 24/7 via phone to assist those in need.

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