Homeowner’s Top Choice: Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Near Williston, VT

Vermont is a state that prides itself on environmental sustainability and rock solid core values. As we move into the future of possibility with electric vehicles, you’re probably thinking about the benefits an EV could bring you and your family. If you’ve decided that an electric vehicle is the right choice for your family, one of the first things to think about is the installation of your electrical vehicle charger.


Things To Know While Purchasing an EV

Level II EV Chargers: More and more vehicle manufacturers are turning to electric. Instead of charging your vehicle in public areas, you’ll want to get your home suited with a residential electric vehicle charger. Level II Charger installation is the route you’ll need to take if you want to charge your EV at home.

Electrical Panel Survey: When you call an EV Charger Installation technician, the first thing they’ll do is assess your electrical panel. If your panel is suited to add a Level II EV Charger, the process won’t take long! If your electrical panel needs upgrading, an electrician will upgrade your panel to support the necessary power specs of your new EV Charger.

Finding The Best Spot For Your EV Charger: When meeting with an electrician to install your Residential EV Charger, one of the most important things to consider is the physical location of your charging station. It should always be in an accessible location and shouldn’t be a headache to charge your EV on a daily basis.

The Tax Benefits

The federal government is issuing tax credits up to $1,000 for homeowners installing Electric Vehicle Chargers in VT and other states. Section 30c of The Inflation Reduction Act states that homeowners are able to receive 30% back on their hardware installations for EV Chargers. Installation and parts can cost well above $1000, so it’s important that you take note of this and act on it as soon as possible!

Lloyd Team