Electrical Panel Repair in Marshfield, VT

There’s no doubt that your electrical panel is an essential aspect of your home. Your electrical panel is like your home’s heart; it sends electricity through your entire house and powers every light, appliance, and switch. 

So when your electrical panel requires repairs, it’s an emergency. Not only can a damaged electrical panel lead to an outage, but it can also create a fire. 

If you’re a homeowner in Marshfield, VT, you can’t take chances on sloppy work or inexperienced technicians. You need the best of the best. 

That’s why every homeowner in the Vermont area should contact Lloyd Home Services for the best electrical work. 

Common Electrical Panel Problems

Electrical panels work day and night. If you’re awake in your home, chances are you’re using your electrical panel. 

Over years of consistent use, electrical panels can get worn down. Problems can arise when your electrical system is operating poorly. 

Out of all of the common problems we see with electrical panels, corrosion is at the top of the list. 

Corrosion occurs when moisture enters the panel through humidity or a nearby leak. When enough decay happens, you may need to replace the electrical panel wirings or other parts. 

Occasionally, electrical panels are installed incorrectly and suffer from “double-tap” wires. Double-tap connections happen when multiple wires meet in one plug. This can overheat a panel and lead to an improperly functioning electrical system. 

Other common problems we see are:

  • Poor or improper panel bonding
  • Oversized fuses
  • Missing handle ties 

If you believe your electrical panel has any of these problems, call Lloyd Home Services for the repairs. You and your family’s safety and comfort are our priorities.

Signs You Need Electrical Panel Repairs 

Learning more about the warning signs of a poorly functioning electrical panel will not only save you money (as you can repair it before the problem grows) but can also save your home and family from a dangerous fire.

Significant signs that you need electrical panel repairs include: 

  • Scorch marks 
  • Melted wires 
  • A burning smell

You don’t need to be an electrician to spot the signs of a faulty electrical panel, but you do need a professional to address them. If you notice any of these signs, your wires have overheated and are close to sparking a fire. Make sure to turn off the main power and call Lloyd Home Service for immediate repairs.

Another sign your panel needs repairs is breaker tripping. Your breaker is the first and last line of defense between you and too much electrical power. If your breaker trips, call a technician for an immediate inspection. 

Why Choose Lloyd Home Services? 

As a locally owned and family-operated business, we keep our values close to the heart. You’ll see our passion and love reflected in our work. Our fully licensed and certified technicians provide prompt, reliable service you can trust.

If you need electrical panel repairs in the Marshfield, VT area, contact Lloyd Home Services. We’re ready to return your home to full, safe, consistent power. Call now to book an appointment.