Water Heater Installation Services in Marshfield, VT 

Families need reliable water services to clean, cook, and bathe every day, and if they don’t have access to hot water, they can’t do vital household tasks. A failing hot water heater won’t supply enough hot water for the family and needs replacement quickly. Homeowners turn to licensed plumbers to repair or replace their water heaters and recommend energy-efficient products for the home. Learn more about water heater options and how these plumbing services improve life for you and your family.  

Tanked or Tankless

Choosing a Water Heater Installation requires the customer to decide if they want a tanked or tankless model. Each selection offers benefits and terrific features. A tanked water heater can store several gallons of hot water that are accessible as needed, and a tankless water heater heats the water as it flows through the plumbing lines. Comparing these units helps homeowners to find a water heater that accommodates the family’s hot water demands each day. 

Gas or Electric

The next decision is between gas and electric water heaters. Both water heaters are viable units and provide reliable hot water heating services. Families make this decision based on what is affordable for them. Some properties do not have a direct connection to natural gas, and the owner has to rent a propane tank and pay for the gas deliveries each month. They will also have a separate bill when choosing gas instead of an electric water heater. The decision is a matter of preferences and affordability. Set up water heater installation services in Marshfield if your unit has failed. 

Do You Need More Than One Water Heater?

Larger properties may require at least two water heaters to accommodate the family based on the home’s square footage. Plumbing professionals assess the property and how large the family is when making recommendations for a water heater installation in Marshfield, VT. The hot water volume the family uses each day determines if one water heater is sufficient or if the owner needs a backup product to keep hot water available for their family. 

Comparing the Cost

The price tag for the water heater is a factor homeowners consider. They want a product that is affordable that won’t present higher maintenance costs, but the owner doesn’t want to buy a cheaper water heater that won’t last ten years. The longevity of the product based on statistics shows the owner which product lasts longer and provides reliable hot water when they need it. A licensed plumber offers a full estimate for the water heater, supplies, and labor costs, and the owner chooses the product that is most affordable and meets their expectations. 

Waste Management for the Existing Water Heater

During the water heater installation, the plumbers drain the tank if the water heater has a tank first. The entire unit is removed from the installation site, and most plumbers remove the old water heater from the property. However, some service providers charge extra if they have to dispose of the old water heater and send it to a recycling center, and the homeowner can inquire about these fees for the waste management services. Once the old water heater has been removed, most service providers clean out the installation site and give the owner a fresh start.  

Product Warranties for Plumbing Fixtures

All new plumbing installations come with a product warranty that replaces the water heater or its major components if they are faulty. Homeowners must set up services for maintenance services to maintain the product warranty and all the coverage available through it. Product warranties can give them the opportunity to get a new water heater sooner if the unit fails prematurely. 

Maintenance Costs and Service Plans

Water heaters require routine maintenance at least once a year to remove sediment from the tank and the connecting lines. An inspection shows if the water heater is failing or if the tank or plumbing lines are showing signs of corrosion or rust. Homeowners must set up these services based on the maintenance plan they choose from their service provider. If the maintenance services aren’t performed, a damaged tank could rupture and allow many gallons of water to flood the space where it was installed. Some service providers offer maintenance plans that make the services more affordable. Comparing these costs helps the owner choose the right water heater.  

Where to Get Plumbing Services

At Lloyd Plumbing and Heating, we offer complete heating, cooling, and plumbing services for all customers in our service area. Our licensed plumbers perform installations, repairs, maintenance, and inspections. Contact us today if you need a new water heater installation.