AC Maintenance Services in Marshfield, VT 

Keeping a home’s temperature comfortable during a hot summer can often be a struggle for homeowners on a budget. Air conditioners can experience problems unexpectedly, causing them to run poorly or stop functioning altogether. Most of these problems are avoidable with routine maintenance and servicing of the unit. In extreme cases, the AC unit may need to be replaced entirely due to inefficiency when running or poor air quality.

When homeowners need AC Maintenance performed in their homes, relying on reputable HVAC contractors is crucial. A certified HVAC contractor will have the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience to diagnose and resolve AC problems. With the help of a reputable contractor, a home’s comfort level can be restored and improved.

Finding a Reputable Contractor

Searching for a contractor in a pinch can feel stressful. It’s often best to have a regular HVAC contractor that handles AC repairs in the home. Many HVAC contractors have repeat customers that rely on them for their AC maintenance services. Some will provide service contracts that guarantee customers the repairs and maintenance they need quickly. These service contracts are a way to ensure a home’s HVAC system has regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs when needed.

The most vital factor homeowners should consider when hiring an HVAC contractor is their cost. Every contractor will offer an estimate for the repairs they think are needed for the job when first diagnosing the problem. It’s easier to narrow the search for an HVAC contractor when comparing estimates between several. If homeowners are on a tight budget, having multiple contractor estimates will be a benefit to saving them money.

Another method homeowners can narrow their searches for an HVAC contractor is by reading the contractor’s customer reviews. These reviews give a window into the customer’s experience working with the contractor. It helps provide insight into a contractor’s customer service quality, work ethics, and promptness. Reviews will also help gauge how satisfied the customers were with the repairs.

Why Hire an HVAC Contractor?

There are numerous reasons to rely on an HVAC contractor to service the AC in a home. From inefficiency when blowing cool air to bad air quality, an HVAC contractor can help with any HVAC situation that may arise in a home. If an AC unit is suddenly producing less comfort than it should, there could be a problem with the coils or air filter blocking airflow. Mechanical parts must stay lubricated to continue functioning correctly during the HVAC’s lifespan.

HVAC contractors see a lot of problems with AC units in their time working on them. Simple AC maintenance can prevent most of these problems from making a house unbearable during the summer. Regular servicing and maintenance will keep coils clean of dirt and grime, filters clear of dust and debris, and ensure the machinery inside the AC unit stays lubricated correctly.

Here are some other reasons AC maintenance services in Marshfield are vital to keeping a home comfortable:

  • Refrigerant levels becoming low in the AC unit
  • Debris build-up in the unit or ventilation
  • Shorts and energy loss from the unit’s wiring becoming faulty
  • Condensate drains need the clearing of clogs
  • Ensure the accuracy of thermostat settings
  • Verify system’s controls are working

It’s a good idea for homeowners to have their HVAC system regularly maintained to avoid these issues. Routine maintenance should come from a certified HVAC technician every six months. Many HVAC technicians recommend homeowners schedule this maintenance during the spring and fall.

Types of AC Units

There are numerous types of AC units on the market for cooling homes. Regardless of the type of AC unit, it will still need bi-annual service and maintenance for it to run consistently.

Some of the more commonly seen AC units in homes are:

  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Swamp Coolers
  • Wall Units
  • Window Units
  • Ductless Split Systems

Regardless of which type of AC unit the home has, a certified contractor can fix it. If the technician can’t repair the HVAC unit, they can help the homeowner with a replacement that fits the home’s cooling needs.

Some units will be easier to replace than others in a home. Central air conditioners are typically in two locations of the house: the outside condensing unit and the inside distribution unit. HVAC systems have both cooling and heating capability, making them more intricate to work on for technicians. Window units, on the other hand, require support and bracing within the window frame to function correctly. Swamp coolers are the easiest units to work on since they are non-stationary units with ventilation tubes that can link to a window. Wall units are similar to window units, requiring mounts and braces.

Do Not Melt in the Summer Heat

While it may feel daunting to handle an HVAC-related problem, it’s not as scary as many homeowners believe. A skilled and trusted HVAC technician can have their AC unit up and running quickly and affordably. Don’t let the summer heat melt your home. Call for an estimate and get the comfort back in your home.