HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Services in Craftsbury, VT

Every homeowner needs a good support system for the times when things are going wrong. When your kitchen sink clogs or the lights go out, we want you to know who to turn to. At Lloyd Home Services, we don’t just take care of homes, we take care of families. Every service that we offer is centered around making you more comfortable and keeping your home safer. When you have problems, you can reach out to our team and we will do everything we can to help. 

Do you need plumbing, HVAC, or electrical services for your home in Craftsbury? Lloyd Home Services is here 24/7 to answer your call. 

Quality Home Services in Craftsbury, VT

Why should you have to call three different companies when you could get all of the reliable services you need with one phone call? When you have our phone number on your fridge, you have everything you need if your furnace breaks down, your breaker starts tripping, or your toilet won’t stop running. We offer emergency repair services for all of these systems plus installation, upgrade, and replacement services.

HVAC Services in Craftsbury

There are times during Craftsbury winters when the temperature rarely rises above freezing. While you may be used to wearing your warmest boots and coat when you go outside, you want to be able to stay warm when you’re in your own house. During the summer, your home can also become a place to escape from the heat when you have the right air conditioning system. With our home services, we install reliable furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and air conditioning units that keep running year after year and we can fix and maintain any type of HVAC system.

Heating Services

When it’s below freezing outside and your furnace or boiler breaks down, it becomes an emergency. We have a warehouse-on-wheels that is always prepared for emergency calls. Winter may be our busiest season because of the harsh temperatures, but our technicians work hard to get to you right away so that you are never without heat. You can expect prompt services and quality care every time you call.

Air Conditioning Services

Summer in Craftsbury is green and warm and filled with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. However, sometimes the heat can make it uncomfortable inside. We install AC systems that help save energy, keep humidity levels comfortable, and continue to be reliable summer after summer. We can also repair your AC day or night if it starts to have problems. 

Plumbing Company in Craftsbury, VT

If you have woken up to a clog or you suspect that you may have a leak somewhere in your home, our plumbing company in Craftsbury, VT would love to put it right. We offer premium leak detection, drain cleaning services, remodeling services, and more.

Plumbing Repair in Craftsbury, VT

Plumbing repair needs can range from leaking faucets to major water or sewer line damage. As soon as you notice that your water bill seems higher than normal or you are having problems with mold in your home, you will want to get your plumbing checked out for problems. Contact us 24/7 for plumbing repair in Craftsbury, VT. 

Plumbing Installation and Replacement Services

Upgrading the plumbing in your home can have many benefits. You may be able to save money by avoiding leaks and other expensive problems. New fixtures can also help you cut down on water bills and they can raise the value of your home. Whether you need plumbing installations out of necessity or because you want a change, we offer all of the services you need to get your project completed. 

Electrical Services in Craftsbury 

Have you been struggling with unreliable electrical equipment? Are you ready to upgrade some of your home’s old components? Our electrical repairs can give you more peace of mind, and our installations and upgrades will ensure that your home has the best and safest equipment. 

Electrical Upgrades and Installation

Some of the most common components that we upgrade with our home services are electrical panels, wiring, and outlets. Many homes in Craftsbury have old electrical panels that no longer support their home, or they have outlets that can’t even accommodate three-prong plugs without an adapter. If you want to bring your home up to code or if you want to make sure your remodel is done right, give our technicians at Lloyd Home Services a call. 

Electrical Repair Services

You should never ignore electrical problems because they may be dangerous for your home. We love taking care of electrical problems, no matter how small, and we are here 24/7 with a fully stocked truck. 

Taking Care of Your Family with Home Services in Craftsbury

Every house has its problems. But when the problems in your home are keeping you from enjoying your home, our team is always waiting to take care of the problem. We guarantee your satisfaction and we take pride in providing high-quality home services in Craftsbury and the nearby areas. 

For fast and reliable electrical, HVAC, and plumbing services in Craftsbury, call Lloyd Home Services today or reach out to us online.