HVAC Company in Cabot, VT

An HVAC system provides temperature control in your home when you want it. However, when it breaks down, your home’s comfort and consistency quickly dwindle. The professional team at Lloyd Home Service will restore your home’s efficient heating and cooling properties so your home remains the comfortable space you deserve. 

Are you looking for an HVAC company in Cabot, VT, that you can trust? The expert team at Lloyd Home Service has the proper knowledge and training to complete your HVAC repairs or installations safely and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to call our professional customer service team to book your HVAC services, at (802) 426-2092.

The Trusted HVAC Company in Cabot, VT

Lloyd Home Service is the trusted HVAC company in Cabot, VT. We respect our customers’ homes keeping our workstations clean and tidy. We also come prepared with a warehouse on wheels to help correctly complete any project you throw our way. Finally, we offer straightforward pricing and financing options to keep our service costs manageable.

HVAC Services in Cabot, VT

Our HVAC services in Cabot, VT offer both heating and cooling components for your home. Our trained technicians will show up on time and ready to complete your HVAC services safely and up to the current HVAC and electrical code. The professional services we offer provide peace of mind that your home remains protected from any HVAC hazards.

Heating Services

Our heating services in Cabot, VT, include heating installation, heating repair, heating replacement, and heating maintenance. We can help you complete services on your furnaces, boilers, or water heater systems.

Heating Installation in Cabot, VT

Our heating installation services will start with inspecting your home and taking measurements to determine the correct size unit and placement for your new furnace, boiler, or water heater. We will help you review your home heating and hot water needs and set up a suitable system.

Heating Repair in Cabot, VT

Our services for heating repair in Cabot, VT, address any inefficient heating components harming system performance. For example, your boiler may need help addressing a small leak or your furnace may fail to blow warm air into your home. Since not every heating issue calls for an early boiler or furnace replacement, it’s best to attempt a heating repair first.

Heating Replacement in Cabot, VT

Our services for a heating replacement in Cabot, VT can help you address a worn, faulty, or outdated heating system. We can also help you upgrade your heating from a furnace, which blows air into your home, to a boiler, which radiates heat throughout it. We will help you learn more about available heating systems, so you can make an informed decision for your home.

Heating Maintenance in Cabot, VT

Finally, we also offer heating maintenance in Cabot, VT. Our heating maintenance service can help you with tasks like removing soot from your furnace or sediment from your water heater. In general, heating maintenance and part cleaning should be conducted at least twice a year.

Air Conditioning Services

Our air conditioning services include air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement, and air conditioning maintenance.

Air Conditioning Installation in Cabot, VT

Air conditioning installation in Cabot, VT, can help with our community’s humid summers. While humidity may reach 90 percent outside, the inside of your home will remain comfortably dry. Our air conditioning installations are handled with precision and up to code, giving you peace of mind they are completed correctly and will maintain efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repair in Cabot, VT

Our air conditioner repairs help to catch issues right away so they don’t lead to early replacements. A couple of common signs you require air conditioning repair include a lack of cool air or a faulty reversing valve keeping your HVAC stuck in cooling or heating mode. 

Air Conditioning Replacement in Cabot, VT

Since humidity causes Cabot air conditioners to work harder in the summer, they have the potential to experience wear quickly. A typical air conditioning system will last 10 to 25 years. However, seasonal and annual maintenance is essential for your Cabot AC system’s lifespan.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Cabot, VT

Our services for air conditioning maintenance in Cabot, VT, handle tasks like changing dirty air filters, unclogging obstructed coils, addressing small leaks, and topping off refrigerant levels. Air conditioning maintenance in Cabot, VT is also useful for indoor air quality. With humid summers, even small leaks can cause mold growth in your HVAC system. We can help restore clean air. 

Lloyd Home Service is the Trusted HVAC Company in Cabot, VT

Lloyd Home Service has been serving the Cabot, VT, community for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer satisfaction, which has earned our HVAC company an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We can help transform your home into the comfortable, temperature-controlled space you’re looking for.

Are you searching for HVAC services in Cabot, VT? Lloyd Home Service is a dependable HVAC company in Cabot. We will help you complete your HVAC repair, replacement, or maintenance needs. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service team today to book your HVAC services at (802) 426-2092.