Boiler Maintenance in Marshfield, VT

Heating a home can be expensive, so most homeowners look to save wherever they can. The secret to getting the most out of your heating system and economizing every month is boiler maintenance. 

A well-maintained boiler will keep your home warm and cozy for 15 years or more, while a neglected device dies out much quicker. Boiler maintenance also helps your heating run efficiently. Many people order maintenance to ensure their boiler is in excellent working condition ahead of the frigid winters in Vermont.

Even if you have a reasonably new boiler, problems can come up at any time. At Lloyd Home Services in Marshfield, VT, we recommend scheduling an annual tune-up as part of your regular boiler maintenance. Our professional technicians will detect any issues and provide service and repairs before a small problem turns into an expensive repair or replacement.

Lloyd Home Services is committed to offering affordable and professional boiler maintenance in Marshfield, VT, and service areas.

Why You Should Call Lloyd Home Services 

Regular boiler maintenance with Lloyd Home Services can help you avoid any unnecessary risks. Here are a few benefits you can achieve by scheduling a boiler maintenance appointment with Lloyd Home Services.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide 

Carbon monoxide is a natural byproduct of combustion. Unless you have an electric boiler, all boilers release some carbon monoxide. This hazardous gas is dangerous to have in your home as it’s terrible for your health. What’s worse, carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so it is not easily detected. 

Boilers are designed with this gas in mind. Manufacturers know that carbon monoxide is a byproduct of combustion, which is why your boiler ventilates outside. Regular maintenance from Lloyd Home Services will ensure these vents are functioning properly and that nothing is blocking the escaping gases.

Reduce Energy Costs

A boiler is naturally a very efficient method for heating your home and your water. It hits peak energy efficiency when the boiler is operating at its best.

Blocked pipes, unbalanced radiators, and subprime parts will force your boiler to work harder in order to keep your home and your water warm. But remember, when your boiler is working harder, it uses more energy and costs you more money.

Contact Lloyd Home Services for a free quote and schedule your annual maintenance to keep your yearly heating costs down.

Eliminate Emergencies

When you regularly maintain your boiler, you are less likely to run into an unexpected issue. Boiler maintenance from Lloyd Home Services will get your system in good shape and help prevent any breakdowns or emergencies.

Our professional service technicians will check every aspect of your boiler while performing a tune-up. We will offer our professional advice for any necessary repairs (if applicable).

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Manufacturers always prefer that licensed technicians and professionals perform maintenance. So in order to keep your warranty legally binding, contact Lloyd Home Services for your boiler maintenance needs. We’ll be sure to treat the boiler per its manufacturer’s instructions and expectations. That way, you can call your manufacturer in the event of a breakdown, and they can organize a repair or replacement.

Our Boiler Maintenance Process

The technicians at Lloyd Home Services are committed to providing you with optimal service. We take pride in our work, and the results show it.

A typical maintenance exam will include the following elements:

  • Electrical components testing
  • Safety component validations
  • A check on the state of all electrodes
  • Confirmation that the seals are tight
  • A check for any blockage in pipes
  • Burner and boiler cleaning
  • Burner adjustment, if necessary

If our technicians ever find an issue while providing scheduled boiler maintenance, we will offer our professional and experienced advice on what to do moving forward. And we’ll do it without using all that HVAC industry terminology! That way, you can understand what your system needs and whether you’d like to proceed. 

Lloyd Home Services provides a free quote for any needed repairs or replacements. Our technicians are friendly and courteous. We guarantee the workmanship of all our jobs. If something goes wrong, we’ll come back and fix it for free. In addition, we promise they will leave no mess behind.

Schedule Your Boiler Maintenance Today

The best time to schedule maintenance for your boiler is before you think you have a problem. As a family-owned business, we understand the desire to keep your own family warm and safe all year round. So contact us today to schedule your boiler maintenance, and we’ll help you achieve that!