EV Car Charger Installation Services in Marshfield, VT 

Electric cars are growing in popularity since there is a huge push to end reliance on gasoline, and according to studies electric cars could improve the environment and slow down global warming. While they are terrific products, many new owners have to search for charging stations in their areas. If the auto owner lives in a more rural area, the search becomes quite the challenge. Find out why it’s beneficial to install EV car chargers in the home.  

Convenient Services for Owners

Instead of wasting their current charge looking for a charging station, homeowners can get an EV Car Charger Installation. A licensed electrician can install these outlets outside the home for maximum benefits. Auto owners can connect their electric cars to their chargers upon arriving home and keep the car charged for the next day. These installations are super convenient and charge faster than standard household outlets. 

Save Time and Money

The average cost of charging a car at a charging station is around $30. Unfortunately, with more people buying electric cars, there is a greater demand for charging stations. The auto owner might face a long wait to get their turn at the charging station, and these inconveniences could make buyers regret their auto purchase. Instead of facing these obstacles, they can set up EV car charger installation services in Marshfield, and they can charge their car at home without long waits and upfront costs. 

Improving The Battery Life

Proper charging improves the battery life of the electric car, and if the owner can charge it fully instead of a few kWhs at a time, the battery lasts longer. Electric car batteries are expensive, and the owner doesn’t want to face the price of a replacement too soon. Homeowners that set up an EV car charger installation in Marshfield, VT keep the car charged longer, and they won’t need to connect it to a charger as often which saves the battery. 

A Great Option for Rental Properties

Rental properties that have EV chargers outside could help property owners attract more tenants to the home. Younger tenants want convenient services in rental properties, including a dedicated outlet for charging smart cars. These installations aren’t expensive, and rental property owners can receive terrific benefits by offering this service to their tenants. The new feature might make the property more appealing than other rental options in the region.  

Charging the Car Overnight

Another great benefit of EV chargers at home is that the auto owner can charge their car overnight. They can connect the car to the charger and disconnect it in the morning, and when they start their car it will be ready to go anywhere they want to go. There aren’t any inconveniences, and the owners are ready for their day. These cars will maintain a full charge for many miles and won’t leave them strained, and if they need to go anywhere during the night, their car is ready to go. 

Improve the Property Values

Property values increase after the homeowner installs an EV charger at their home. Many buyers these days want modern features when buying a home, and smart car chargers might make the property appealing to these individuals. Technological updates can make homes more appealing and give new owners everything they need at home, and they will have all the creature comforts of the modern home if the current owner installs the electrical update. Electricians set up the chargers on a separate breaker or electrical panel outside the home, and the owner won’t have to worry about overloaded circuits or electrical risks.  

Assured Compatibility With Your Vehicle

Electricians get information from the property owner before starting the EV charger installation. Different makes and models are available according to what car the homeowner buys, and the electricians can ensure that the charger is compatible with the owner’s vehicle. If they buy a different electric car later, the electricians can recommend EV charger updates to accommodate all-electric cars owned by the homeowner and their family. If they prefer, they can set up different chargers outside the home according to these needs. Compatible EV chargers are guaranteed to work and keep the car charged fully at all times.  

Where to Get Electrical Services 

At Lloyd Plumbing and Heating, we perform electrical services for all customers in our service area and guarantee all our installations. Our technicians can update outlets and install EV chargers for your electric cars that offer faster-charging services. Schedule an EV charger installation by contacting us now.