Marshfield Professional AC Tune Up Services

It’s very concerning to experience a noisy or non-cooling air conditioning unit during the summer heat. Before you even start to buy a new AC unit, you may want to look into an AC tune-up first. Sometimes, what your unit needs is simply a little loving care before it’s running again like new. A certified professional will thoroughly investigate your unit before diagnosing the problem.

Once your air conditioning unit has been operational for about ten years it will most likely need to be replaced. It’s recommended that it be serviced annually to help keep it running as long as possible. If your unit isn’t quite 10 years old, consider having an AC professional perform a check-up before you spend money on something new you might just not need yet.

Why is an AC tune-up necessary?

The AC and HVAC system is made up of many parts and pieces that wear out and break down over time. To prevent experiencing any problem with your AC unit and having an uncomfortable home as a result of it, it is highly recommended that you have an HVAC professional conduct a yearly tune-up of your air conditioning unit.

During the inspection they will:

  • recalibrate the thermostat if needed
  • clean or replace the air filter
  • search for any leaks or cracks
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • clean and straighten the coils and coil fins
  • clear the space in and around the unit from dirt and debris
  • remedy any safety hazards

Having your air conditioning unit tuned up from time to time will extend its useful life and prevent problems requiring service calls. An AC system needs regular maintenance to continue functioning at optimum levels, similar to a vehicle. An inefficient AC unit can cause higher than usual electric bills and inconsistent cooling.

Because air conditioners don’t get much use until temperatures rise during the summer, you might not know there is a problem with yours until you turn it on for the first time at the beginning of the season. This is why it is recommended that you inspect your air conditioning system in the spring before you need to use it regularly. Going without air conditioning is at best miserable when you need it most, and at worst deadly especially for vulnerable people.

Do I need a tune-up or a total replacement?

It can be hard to determine whether your AC unit needs a repair or has reached its end if you are unfamiliar with the details of air conditioning units. If you are not sure about the end life of your AC unit then an AC professional can help you with that. Following are some things to consider which may help you decide if your unit just needs a tune-up, or if you would be better off replacing it.

Thermostat isn’t working

While a broken thermostat can cause a lot of frustration and doesn’t help with cooling the house, the issue could be with the wiring or calibration of the device instead of a problem with the unit itself. An AC professional will inspect the wiring and recalibrate the thermostat to get the air conditioner up and running again.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

Without having an inspection done, it could be hard to figure out why your home is not cooling down evenly. Of course, you’d expect rooms upstairs to be warmer than the downstairs of your home, because heat always rises. But if there is a drastic difference in temperatures then this may mean that there is an issue with the air filters, vents, and ductwork.

Bad smells or noises

Noisy air conditioning units are always prone to damage and should be checked swiftly. A component in it may be loose and needs to be repaired before extensive damage occurs. There are times when such issues can be repaired easily and there are times when the whole unit needs a replacement already. An unpleasant smell may be caused by mold that has started to grow in the ductwork or wires that have been burnt.

To find the source of the problem, an inspection may be needed. Cleaning or repair is often all it takes to fix the problem. Sometimes what the AC unit needs is just some good old cleaning or repair.


Leaks from air conditioning units are something to look out for because it’s a bad sign. AC repairs are usually expensive whether it is a water leak from the condenser or a coolant leakage from its lines. It’s often more economical to replace a faulty air conditioner than to repair it, especially if it’s an older unit.

High energy bills.

Energy bills that are higher than usual without added use of an air conditioner is cause for concern. Something is causing your unit to work harder than it needs to. If the unit hasn’t been maintained for a while or if it’s still young, it may be time for its servicing.

If the unit happens to have received servicing recently, maybe the reason why it is having a problem is due to its old age and it just simply needs to be replaced already. By having a professional inspection done, you can find out for certain. If the unit does need to be replaced, a professional can provide you with options.